InterWeb Insurance Services is committed to providing superior service at the best value to our clients. When InterWeb makes any recommendation, or offers any suggestion to a client pertaining to the placement or sale of insurance coverage, InterWeb does so in furtherance of the client’s interests when acting as your insurance broker or providing specific services to you. In some instances, InterWeb is compensated by insurance companies or other third parties with whom InterWeb does business. That compensation may vary based on a number of factors, including the insurance contract and the insurer that the client ultimately selects. InterWeb may be paid by commission from insurers with whom we place insurance or InterWeb may be paid by a fee charged to clients in place of or in addition to commission. InterWeb welcomes discussion of its sources and forms of compensation. A client may obtain specific information about the compensation expected to be received by InterWeb simply by requesting such information from InterWeb. In addition, please be advised that in conformance with applicable law, InterWeb Insurance Services holds premium funds in premium trust accounts segregated from InterWeb’s corporate bank accounts, and may earn interest on those funds until such time as they must be remitted. If you have any questions about the compensation that InterWeb may receive from work on your behalf, please do not hesitate to ask.