CyberPro Liability coverage includes:

  • Liability coverage extended to cloud providers and external vendors
  • Notification expenses – in addition to the limit of liability meaning these costs do not erode from the available limit.
  • Reputational harm
  • Crisis management and brand reestablishment
  • Most favorable venue language
  • 70/30 hammer clause
  • Computer crime, electronic theft & telecommunications fraud up to $250K- Including 3rd party funds, no call back language
  • Social engineering fraud up to $250K- Including 3rd party funds, no call back language
  • Forensic costs up to the full policy limit
  • Programming and human error
  • Pre and post-breach risk management services
  • 8 hour waiting period
  • Full Prior Acts
  • Civil administrative proceeding or regulatory action/investigation

Risk Management 

  • Training from experts
  • Consultant services
  • On-line learning and educational resources

Breach Response Services 

  • Notification Expenses
  • Access to expert forensic auditing
  • Establishing support, credit and identity theft services
  • Event management and public relations advice and help
  • Legal services from experts

Enhancements available for

  • Deductible waiver- no retention for any insuring agreements if insured uses panel firms
  • Business interruption and data restoration coverage extension to external vendors
  • Notification costs outside of policy limits –uncapped with no retention
  • Media coverage extended to physical products
  • Contingent bodily injury/property damage Included

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